Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jallopy and the tri-bike

 I was handed a large chunk of money this week, of which I have yet to deposit, with more on the way. A windfall. Go buy another car, I was told. I sucked in air. My car?  *Gasp*  Okay.... yes, I know it needs ANOTHER grand of work done to it but, it's paid for and it has all these fantastic stickers on the back!! The weather is warming which means the bike rack is going on the back and it fits perfectly. Do you know how long it took to earn those stickers? That's a right of passage! This is all just silly. It threw me into a panic!  I know.....I can buy all those stickers at my next event but, somewhere along the 3 years that I have owned my car, I fell ass deep in love with it. 

It's a pit, it's almost always dirty, there are forever at least 5-6 water bottles rolling around in the back, swim bag, gym bag, bike on the back. Crayons, school books, American girl dolls galore!  It's a chaotic mess, just like me. We have the same persona. We both have some age on us, we both still look hella good. I live in this car! It's my home. How can I give it up? It has, on the most part, been faithful to me and the one time it did fail, it died at a mall parking lot.  A mall parking lot!! A mall I wasn't even aiming for. It left me stranded at the mall for 4 hours. This car is good to me!! Do you see it's benefits?

 Now, I have to enforce the value of the statements I am making. My eyes literally roll back in ecstasy at that new car smell. A smellgasm for sure. Until this car,  I had to have a new one every 2 years.  A complete car snob. And now, I have found comfort in a car. I need to keep her. Hell, I even pose with this car. See above. I am a proud owner of stinky tri bag car. So, it was a no brainer. I'm bagging the money. It's hitting savings for a rainy day when she ( my car) decides she cannot handle me anymore. When I have finally wore her out and we have to part ways.

Instead, I am taking a part of that cash and buying another kind of ride. A tri-bike. My coach told me awhile back that triathletes are a rare breed. That they would drive up to a race with a bike that was twice the value of the car they roll up in. Maybe this makes me an official triathlete. It proves my dedication to the sport. An initiation. My bike is not going to be double the value of my car but, I bet if I resold each one of them separately they would bring in the SAME value. All I know is that I am more excited thinking about shopping for a tri-bike than a new car. 

So, in the next few weeks I will roll up to the sparkly tri-shop and buy myself a pretty sweet ride. I'll name her, my ride, and proudly put her on the back of my car and silently pray we make it all the way home.

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