Monday, February 14, 2011

And this is how the story goes......

This is going to be a long one. The beginning, background and where it has lead me. It's actually a good story so, hang on. I could certainly write chapters on each portion of my life but, for a blog sake we will just roll with synapses.
I have 3 children. 2 of which have a very rare mitochondrial disorder. The journey that they have lead me through is nothing short of amazing. I have gained fear, knowledge, courage, insanity, peace, love and forgiveness in humanity, just through the birth of my children.
I was told by my first neurologist that my little beautiful blond girl may never walk, talk or function with normalcy. I found him pompous. I didn't agree. My first instinct was to prove him wrong. I was angry at the world. Although most people look at anger as a negative emotion. That emotion served us all well.
I have battled and fought and so have my daughters. Numerous therapies 3-4 times a week, doctors appointments, at one point in our lives we adhered to NACD where I was doing almost 15 different exercises 3 times daily on top of therapies and daily life. She blossomed. It worked to a point where she walked, she talked and she fought just as hard as I did. She went to regular school. We fought there also. We fought until someone ( a teacher) told us she would never read. Again. Anger. It does work. I pulled her out of regular school and we home schooled for 2 years. She can now read.

My organic eat clean food obsession is a result of my girls also. They have an issue with their Krebs cycle and again, another blog post to come. Their mitochondria works they just have Pintos instead of Ferrari's. What can A mom do? She can nourish them....well. And make sure that what they put into their bodies is processed and used as efficiently as possible.

So now, I have healthy, vibrant children who I still fight and have gut wrenching struggles for daily but, in all our battles to help them achieve to their best potential, somewhere along the line I blossomed too.

I would like to think that where my life is heading now is a result of my blind focus and determination of my will and what I wanted to achieve in my personal life. Not even close. It is a result of 3 kids. 2 that I have had to fight for and somehow I came out on top.

My girls went back to public school a few years back. They are social creatures and strive on daily interaction with other kiddos. This left one mom confused and with nowhere to go. I had put everything I had within me to help them walk, even though it wasn't until age 3. Help them talk, even though that didn't come till much later. Help them see,  help them read. We had accomplished much and it was time to let them fly. Time for Kristine to come out of her mommy hole.

I started at a local gym. I got out. I met people. I thrived at it. Eating clean, healthy organic food and lifting weights 3 times a week shreds some serious poundage. It was about 40 plus for me. It was nice.
I started to feel better about who I was a person. I was starting to live my life for me. You always live your life for your kids first but, I think somewhere a lot of mom's lose who they are as a person. A unique person.
 Training lead to cardio. Cardio lead to Endurance and endurance flickered sight of races. First A mini-marathon, then a sprint triathlon, an Olympic and an Half Iron Man. Half Iron man lead to others wanting to know what I was doing and why, oh and " Can you help me out too" YES.... I would love to.  I can honestly say I love what I do. I love being who I am. I love training, I love racing and I absolutely love watching others achieve their goals. No greater joy. It's why I decided to train. Personal training, Triathlon and run coaching.

I thought I was doing all of this for me. I thought I had stepped out of that ginormous mommy hole. That this was all about Kristine and helping others until I was in a seminar a few months back and was asked to share my story. A comment was made. " So, you are doing running, biking and swimming, the things your girls find difficult and cannot" WOW..... a step back. Reality check. I'm still trying to conquer it. Yes.... Yes I am. I will do and do with joy, with them right along with me, the things that they find difficult. A way of coping but, it has lead to  many a great things.

And if I can help my children succeed and I can personally succeed then I have been blessed. A need to share. It's why I chose to coach.


  1. Your an inspiration & one tough mama!
    Cant wait to follow along with your adventures!

  2. Wow!!! This is not just a good story...but rather a GREAT story! You have THREE kids, went through so much, and STILL look great as ever?!?!

    Am glad to be following your blog and hope to find out your secret to looking young, fit, and healthy!

    I truly love stories like this because it says "Heart, and as long as I put my mind, body, and soul into it, I CAN do anything AND all things that seem impossible!"

    I wish I had your drive. :o)

  3. rockinmichelle-Michelle BrightFebruary 14, 2011 at 1:49 PM

    Your story is one i think of daily. Not just because you are my BEST friend, but you are the kind of person and mother that i strive to be like. When i think of you, i think of your perfect 3 children and the smile they put on my face when i lay eyes on them. The hugs, the kisses, the smiles, the questions, the snot...i LOVE it like they are my own children.

    I've been with you on, WOW, nearly all of this journey with the kids...you WON'T get rid of me now.

    I'm so proud of who you are, everything you are, everything you've become, everything you strive to be...