Wednesday, August 31, 2016

uuuuhhhh......hhmmmmm...... Is this thing on?

It seems like a life time ago, another life maybe. We all lead those, don't we? I know I'm not the same person I was 6 years ago, 2 years ago, we will even go two weeks ago, and I'm fine by that. It's called evolving and  I am thankful that I am not the same person I was, even just yesterday, because that is the gift, right? A new start, every day. A new you, every day. Every day I wake up with ambition, thankful for the ability to accomplish and get things done and..... every day, I lay my eyes to rest wondering if I did enough, did I accomplish enough? Actually, it is EVER enough. I  lay in bed wondering if I gave it my all; if I failed because that 3rd load of laundry didn't get folded or if there are 4 freaking dishes left in the damn sink, will that matter or did I fail?  Or did I actually Accomplish? I did work pretty hard during the whole entire day. I did gave it my all.

With failure comes lessons, if you are silent enough to listen. If I  gave it my all, I absolutely succeeded, even if success means; washing dishes, laundry, piano lessons, homework, a 40 minute run, speech therapy, listening to my kid sing " My Only Sunshine" for the 12 th time that evening, even though she can only speak every 3rd word.... that's success, right? Yea, I do believe it is.

And so this happens, I find this old blog. A Failure, because I can't say that I ever really tried to keep it up to date, but also, an accomplishment because, hey!!.....It's still here and I did happen to write a few things. And with it comes a lesson.

As I look back on these old post, the sprinkling few that are here, I am accomplished. I am the same person I have always been. I have the same interests, the same intellect, the same inspiration, the same goals, the same dreams. And that, is success. My Lesson. I have deviated,  but I haven't veered off track to lose sight. I still have the same values, principles, goals, dreams and ideas and even though life has changed, I am still the same. I am still a mamma to three, one in college and 2 with a very rare gene mutation and mitochondrial disorder, I am still an athlete. I still love good beer, wine, exceptionally good food, homemade clean eating and Paleo foods.  I am still a gym rat and triathlete at heart. I still love the same. I am still who I am, at my core......but I have changed, life has changed and I wonder.....
Almost a poll, if you dare.... Do you find that you are the same? Have you always wanted the same things? Have the same Principles? Known what you have wanted out of life? But, Somehow, you got screws over, life changed, it didn't work out as you planned, but life, your goals, your dreams.... are still the same.

Or do you shift in the wind?

For Me? It's simple. Let me love my kids, provide the best that there can ever be for them, and give me the  ability, time and strength to do so. Nourish those kiddos and myself with whole food goodness and let us be as active as we can be. Love God and serve him only. And honestly, that's all I ask out of life.

What is it that you ask for?

Or are you brave enough to know?

I'd like to know.

Mine?    It has always seemed like a simple plan, but life keeps you guessing, makes you keep holding on, and that in itself, is a lesson.

My lesson...... keep being you. Who I am.

Because after 43 years, I am strong enough to hold tight and hold my own.

I'm not sure I knew that 8 years ago, 6 years ago, 2 years ago....... last week

But I definitely know it now.

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